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Treatment of Remembering

Three performers undergo a procedure “Treatment of Remembering“ together with the audience in a time when nature, consumed by humanity, no longer exists. In poetic dance paintings, they fall into a state of remembering nature in an emptied space-time. Through the artificial imitation of the world, which has pushed out the real world, they point to the ever-increasing replacement of the natural environment with the artificial products of human activity. By awakening memories of long forgotten experiences, the treatment of remembering procedure draws attention to the uniqueness of physical and emotional experiences connected with nature. The sensitivity of sound design and original music, together with extreme light atmospheres, enhance the intensity of sensory perception and thus complement a work filled with a constant vibration of origin and extinction. Yet from the artificially created atmospheres of calm emerge strong concerns, encouraging the viewers to reflect on their own relationship with the environment.

"Imagine yourself breathing."

The performance Treatment of Remembering can also be performed outdoors (parks, castle gardens). 

Concept: Johana Pocková
Directed by: Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková
CreationJohana Pocková, Sabina Bočková, Inga Zotova-Mikshina

Performing: Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, Barbora Rokoszova
Music: Lukáš Palán
Sound design: Jakub Štourač
Set design: Denisa Švachová
Light design: Michal Horáček

Dramaturgical support: Petra Hauerova

Produced by: POCKetART z.s.

Co-produced by: Tanec Praha z. ú., Ponec – dance venue

Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic, State Culture Fund of The Czech Republic, Prague City Hall 

Supported by: BAZAAR Festival, Plum Yard Malovice, REZI.DANCE Komarice, Moving Station Plzen


… “As determined for this current premiere, the author's tandem remains functional. They did not abandon their personality in the path of a choreographic style based on the rhythm of movement expression and imaginative sharing of individual impressive perceptions, which is a prime example of a possible contemporary form of Central European stream of expressive dance east of paradise in the parallel universe of the German dance theater. “……“Perhaps this performance might mean for the Czech contemporary dance to finally exceed the curse of its own shadow from the second half of the 20th century.“


“… The choreography Treatment of Remembering does not go the way of engaged and screaming provocation, but rather forces deeper thinking. This corresponds to its meditative flow, using movement minimalism, which depicts the course of the process of remembrance and contrasts sharply with rhythmic expressiveness demonstrating the power of the importance of selected memories.”

“Imaginations are not descriptive, but they are not directly abstract, their expression is determined by the dynamics of the performance. In the end, the concreteness is evoked only is words, which are deepening the catharsis of the work and thus strengthening the emotional reverberation of the whole stage action. Both for the protagonists and the audience. " (Zuzana Smugalová, Dance News, 20.10.2020)

The theme of remembering the ruined and long-forgotten pure nature sounds more than current. "..." Well-functioning sterile minimalist scenography, together with original music, subtle sound design and light design, conjured a state of weightlessness together. " (Natálie Paulasová, Opera+, 10.10.2020)

Other reviews:  

(Marianna Panourgia, Dance News, 10.11.2021)





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