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Onto the Scale!

Life is a never-ending audition. A dancer and an actor are compelled to step onto the scales of selection – while they are auditioning for a role. The anxiety of competition is naturally suppressed by their collegial relationship and their own dignity. What's worse – to break character in a theatrical role or in real life? Theatrum mundi.

To live is to meet one's uncertainty. We lie down in it, but we cover ourselves with gilded visions. Knowing your own weight, your own identity can be - if not a proud castle, at least a quiet hut.

Concept : Johana Pocková

Creation and interpretation: Lukas Blaha and Johana Pocková

Dramaturgical cooperation and light design: Jiří Hajdyla
Music: Matouš Hekela
Costumes: Tereza Černá


Production: POCKetART z.s.

Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague, Municipal Office Prague 3

Supported by: Venus in Švehlovka



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