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Thursday 28.4. 2021 specifies the file  POCKETART  dance film by choreographer Johana Pocková - Folds of Touch. 4 professional dancers, an eight-year-old girl and a 90-year-old grandmother will be captured on one stage.


We will make the link to the film available on the day and time of the premiere broadcast: 28.4. 20:00 here:  

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TANEC Z GAUČE: Link to the article here



The dance film Folds of Touch is based on the performance WAREHOUSES FULL OF EMOTIONS as an intergenerational experiment investigating womanhood, inspired by authentic memories of an old lady - the choreographer´s grandmother. The camera follows 4 female dancers, an eight-year-old little girl, and a 90-year old grandmother on the stage while performing. It is both a documentary of the play and fiction depciting the women's lives in the real time. 

We are endowed with feelings, full warehouses of emotions, but sometimes a buyer is missing. We want to be endlessly loving, to be „walking on air“. We are passionate puppets, but we have cunning lusts as well. An infinite competition of desires and dreams. Tenderness is our weapon. Naivety our stumbling block. We totter between moments of self-confidence and doubts, sovereignty and triviality. We immerse ourselves in our feelings.  Later we want to talk them over within our circle of confidants, then an even narrower circle of confidants, and finally - we recognize that we can cope with all that best on our own. The young desire, the old reminisce.

Concept and choreography: Johana Pocková
Camera and editing: Barbora Johansson
Music composer: Martin Tvrdý
Interpretation: Jaroslava Pocková, Matilda Maio, Sabina Bočková, Inga Zotova-Mikshina, Pavla Vařáková, Barbora Rokoszová, Roman Zotov-Mikshin
Light design: Robert Štěpánek
Lights: Karlos Šimek
Thanks: Daria Chernyak


Produced by: POCKetART zs

Financially supported by:  Prague City Hall, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Supported by: Venus in Švehlovka, Ostružina zs, Barbora Johansson MUVJU



Dance Film - Folds of Touch

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